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Lewis Hayden—December 2, 1811

Lewis Hayden—December 2, 1811-April 7, 1889

Lewis Hayden—Eleven to Convict, One to Acquit.


Eleven to Convict, One to Acquit.

From Caste Among Masons:

True Beauty.


LET blind admirers, handsome faces praise,
And graceful features to great honour raise,
The glories of the red and white express,
I know no beauty but in holiness:
If God of beauty be the uncreate
Perfect idea, in this lower state
The greatest beauties of an human mould
Who most resembles Him, we justly hold;
Whom we resemble, not in flesh and blood,
But being pure and holy, just and good.
May such a beauty fall but to my share,
For curious shape, or face I’ll never care.

—John Rawlet, B.D.