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  1. Thanks for the ping, I’m tempted to say we ought to Network our sites together, you’d save me some work all this great stuff you have up here already.


    That Franklin quote is one of my favorites!


  2. Hi, I have questions about the interpretation of your formatting. I’m reading Noah Webster’s essay, “On the Education of Youth in America”. In section 2 at

    I notice what appears to be a comment, in black text with a leading asterisk:

    *This remark is confined solely to its construction; in point of orthography, our language is intolerably irregular.

    Further down on the same page is a longer, similarly formatted comment beginning

    * In our colleges and universities, students read some of the ancient Poets and Orators; but the Historians, …

    followed by a quotation in the “normal{ font.

    Is the text in black commentary you have added, or part of the original? And is the indented quotation also part of the original?

    Thank you kindly,

  3. This series is an HTML copy of the original pamphlet. The notes in the smaller black font appear in the original as a footnote at the bottom of the page—but I put them in following the notated paragraph since the HTML copy does not follow the page breaks of the original. The black text section identifiers in the left margin are from the original Table of Contents.


    The quotation is in the original.

  4. I see you have placed some of my posts in your side bar. I want to thank you for that.

    I.P. at Liberty’s Spirit

  5. I would like to commend you on your intellectual efforts here.
    My only suggestion is that it should be known that the Founders established a Republic, not a Democracy. Indeed, this is stated clearly in several sources, including the Federalist Papers and Debate of the Constitution,volumes I & II.
    The second thing I disagree with is your establishment of a partisan political view tied in with all of these organized discourses and historical documents that clearly has no relation in the platforms of today’s two traditional political camps. Neither the Democrats or Republicans hold the principles laid out concerning our Government and its limited capacities prescribed by the Constitution of the United States.
    Other than that I have enjoyed your content here and praise you for enlightening (hopefully) youth of America, I just wish you would keep the partisan politics out of the principles for in today’s political games that politicians play in both camps — it is irrelevant.

  6. PS: I was mainly referring to the donkey logo on your header – clearly a Democratic Party symbol.

  7. Does anyone know where I could find text of the letters Franklin refers to in the last paragraph of his correspondence with Ezra Stiles? (See quoted text below):


    “My sentiments on this head you will see in the copy of an old letter inclosed, which I wrote in answer to one from an old religionist whom I had relieved in a paralytic case by electricity, and who being afraid I should grow proud upon it, sent me his serious, though rather impertinent caution. I send you also the copy of another letter which will show something of my disposition relating to religion.”

  8. Robert E.

    The letter most cited is the one to George Whitefield, dtd. 6 June 1753—pp. 412-414; The Select Works of Benjamin Franklin edited by Epes Sargent.

    You might also look into his letter to his sister Jenny dtd. 28 July 1743 (pp. 205-206 of this same volume).


    P.S. The other letter is sometimes cited as being the undated correspondence to (perhaps) Thomas Paine—pp. 488-489.

    CORRECTION: The letter to Jenny is pp. 405-406.

  9. This is most helpful. Thank you!

  10. Would you be willing to share where you go the image of Thomas K Beecher used in your video? I work at Corban University and am helping one of our professors w/ a history book. Most images of Beecher that we’ve found show him older, but we really like the younger to middle aged one you use.

  11. Dan,

    I’m not certain where I got the image. Probably a detail of the picture on page 56 of this book: Thomas K. Beecher: Teacher of the Park Church at Elmira, New York, 1854-1900, at Google books.

    Or possibly the same picture from the same book at Archive.Org. Archive.Org often has clearer copies.

    UPDATE: The frontispiece of Notable Sermons is an even younger picture.

  12. thanks I needed this poem

  13. Which poem would that be?

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