Posted by: Democratic Thinker | June 25, 2015

Public Service Notice: 2015 Defense Department Law of War Manual, By Chapter

Public Service Notice

Lawfare has divided the Defense Department’s recently released 1204-page Law of War Manual into chapters and posted them on-line.

This manual reflects many years of labor and expertise, on the part of civilian and
military lawyers from every Military Service. It reflects the experience of this Department in applying the law of war in actual military operations, and it will help us remember the hardlearned lessons from the past. Understanding our duties imposed by the law of war and our rights under it is essential to our service in the nation’s defense.—
Stephen W. Preston, General Counsel of the Department of Defense


2015 Defense Department Law of War Manual, By Chapter

On June 12, 2015, the Department of Defense’s Office of General Counsel publicly released its long-anticipated Law of War Manual. For ease of reference, and as a service to Lawfare’s readership, we have broken down the extraordinary, 1204-page tome into more manageable, subject matter chapters, which can be found below.

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