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News: A bank run by beggars, for beggars in Bihar town


IBN Live reports on a beggars’ bank in Gaya, India.

“Most of the beggars who are members of the ‘bank’ have neither BPL (Below Poverty Line) card nor Aadhaar card,” she said.

IBN Live.


Mar 27, 2015 at 08:48pm IST

A bank run by beggars, for beggars in Bihar town

Gaya: A group of beggars in this Bihar town has opened their own bank, which they run and manage to provide financial security in times of crisis.

Dozens of beggars, who have been depending for their survival on alms from hundreds of Hindu devotees at the gate of ‘Maa Manglagauri Mandir’ (temple) in Gaya town for years, have started the bank.

The beggars call it Mangala Bank.

The beggars call it Mangala Bank.


“It is true that we have established a bank for ourselves,” said Raj Kumar Manjhi, one of the 40 beggars who are members of this unique “bank”.

“Bank’s manager, treasurer and secretary along with one agent and other member, who are running and managing it, are all beggars,” Manjhi told IANS in Gaya, about 100 km from here. Manjhi, incidentally, is the manager of the bank.

Manjhi, who is literate enough to manage the accounts and other works of the bank, said: “Each of us (beggars) deposits Rs.20 every Tuesday in the bank that comes to Rs 800 weekly deposit.”

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