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Analysis: Borderland Beat: 10 years of Terror in Tamaulipas


Borderland Beat reporter, Otis B. Flywheel, translates from Spanish a Mexican news organization’s article on drug cartel violence in the Mexican state just south of Texas.


In relation to this, the Chairman of the Committee for Human Rights of Nuevo Laredo, Raymundo Ramos Vazquez, expressed that the Government strategy “was born dead, because they are repeating the strategy of Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, to face violence with violence, bringing to the streets thousand of military and police personnel without attacking the causes.”

NOTICE: In the last few years numerous journalists in Mexico have been killed. Borderland Beat reporters use aliases.


Borderland Beat

Friday, February 20, 2015

10 years of Terror in Tamaulipas

Translated for Borderland Beat from a Tamaulipas 3.0 article by Otis B Fly-Wheel

Diez Años de Terror (Ten Years of Terror)

(Ten Years of Terror)

Tamaulipas is the northern state most associated with violence, one that you cannot name without the typical comments arising that bring the harsh reality that exists in the state, and although violence is widespread throughout the country, but here were born the Zetas with all their violent fury, here they made their stronghold and with narco corridos have become part of the social culture.

This is Reynosa to Nuevo Laredo, because from Reynosa to San Fernando, there is a more ancient history, the longest lived cartel of Mexico, which can be attributed to the birth of the Zetas.

Tamaulipas is composed of 43 Municipalities, of which few do not have organized crime activities in its streets.

There have been more than ten years of violence in the state, of failed strategies, and where cells of criminals have multiplied as has been documented at along with other blogs like Valor por Tamaulipas ( and Borderland Beat: Otis ).

Experts explain that the resurgence in violence in this state, burst forth due to fighting between small groups of criminal organisation, born under the banner of Los Zetas and the Gulf Cartel, but now they have gained autonomy and fight over state territory.

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