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Commentary: I Carry Every Day


Ernie Traugh—over at Random Thoughts From A Gun Guy—speaks of situational awareness.


I see them looking around and they see me looking around. It’s a like a mutual agreement. I see you; you see me. Let’s not kid each other. It’s weird in a way. The man and his friend in the store that looked all around and even glanced at the camera above us…those guys “see” me.

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Random Thoughts From A Gun Guy.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

I Carry Every Day

Every day I get up and put on a gun. It’s part of my normal life. It’s part of my daily routine. No different than making coffee or feeding the dogs before I leave for work. These days there is so much misinformation on who that makes “me.” I’m a “gun nut.” I’m one of “those right wing 2nd Amendment people.” I’m the scourge of the earth to some. Funny how that works. “They” don’t even know me but… “they” are worried that I’m what’s wrong with this country, this state, and this city I call home. I walk among them and they don’t even know it. I’m the guy in the jeans and Under Armour shirt, the guy in the $200 sport coat and $125 shoes, the guy in Nike pants and a hoodie, and some days I’m the guy with dirty hands from working in the yard, but most of all I’m the guy they never “see.”

Oh, they acknowledge me sometimes. When I hold the door for them because my parents raised me that way. When I let them go ahead of me in line at the gas station because they seem to be in a hurry. When I pick up their baby’s pacifier in the aisle at the grocery store and hand it back to them because it fell out and they didn’t notice.

But they don’t “see” me. I’m just another guy in the store with things in my hand. But only my left hand. I don’t carry things in my right hand. Not at the store. Not in public. Why? Because I’m “that guy.” I know that bad things happen. Every day. Every where. So I try to be aware. I try to study my surroundings. I expect to not see it coming every time. I expect that evil may show up while I’m shopping or walking through the mall or eating at a restaurant.

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