Posted by: Democratic Thinker | September 20, 2014

Samuel Adams—September 27, 1722



Samuel Adams.
September 27, 1722—October 2, 1803.

His nature is too noble for the world:
He would not flatter Neptune for his trident,
Or Jove for his power to thunder.—

—Shakespeare, Coriolanus, III, i.


For your use I subjoin the following creed of every good American:—

I BELIEVE that in every kingdom, state, or empire there must be, from the necessity of the thing, one supreme legislative power, with authority to bind every part in all cases the proper object of human laws. I believe that to be bound by laws to which he does not consent by himself, or by his representative, is the direct definition of a slave. I do therefore believe that a dependence on Great Britain, however the same may be limited or qualified, is utterly inconsistent with every idea of liberty, for the defence of which I have solemnly pledged my life and fortune to my countrymen; and this engagement I will sacredly adhere to so long as I shall live. Amen.

—Samuel Adams, from To His Majesty’s Commissioners (1778).