Posted by: Democratic Thinker | March 14, 2014

Commentary: Russia & the Ukraine


Czech physicist Luboš Motl, at the Reference Frame, offers a perspective on the troubles in the Ukraine.


We shall not presume to anticipate the judgment of our fellow-citizens throughout the Union on these important letters, by interposing any comments of our own.—Four Letters on the Important Subject of Government, 1802.

friday, march 14, 2014 …

Russia will nuke U.S. if tensions run too high

I have been amazed by the degree of anti-Russian warmongering by the U.S. and other Western politicians who are willing to ignite an economic conflict because of events in Little Russia, a territory that they don’t understand at all.

Despite the devastating global economic consequences, we cannot really exclude that a trade war against Russia will occur. But things are worse. War games are taking place near the NATO-Russia borders, Ukraine is asking for U.S. weapons, and the U.S. tends to suggest that they will help the “people of Ukraine” (a category that clearly explicitly removes the citizens who find the influence of Russia beneficial).

There’s no major shooting or bombing yet but things are getting quickly ugly at the diplomatic level. The U.S. and some allies hypocritically declared themselves the “teachers” who have the credentials to “punish” a naughty schoolboy, Russia, for his bad behavior.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I do think that Russia still has some things to learn from the West although this set is far more limited than the PC folks and Russophobes in the West like to imagine. But whether a Czech blogger – or a U.S. politician – thinks that Russia could sometimes learn something is not important for the events in the near future.


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