Posted by: Democratic Thinker | March 6, 2014

UPDATE: Shepard v. Madigan


DISCLAIMER: Democratic Thinker is a member of the National Rifle Association whose dues supported this lawsuit—and Democratic Thinker supports the right of all citizens to defend themselves during all lawful activities anywhere they find themselves; be it public places, highways and byways, business establishments, churches, schools, etc.

I believe in the right of self-defence of the weak against the strong, and I do not propose to allow any man to maltreat me at his pleasure, as long as there are any weapons of defence to be had by which I can equalize my strength with his.—Mr. MacVeagh, Debates of the Convention to Amend the Constitution of Pennsylvania.

WSIL TV reports that Mary Shepard, brutally beaten in an Illinois church over four years ago, finally receives her Illinois Concealed Carry License. Illinois was forced to allow its citizens to arm themselves after losing a series of court cases (including Shepard v. Madigan).


Concealed Carry Licenses Arrive in the Region.


UNION COUNTY– Mary Shepard, the local woman who sued Illinois for the right to carry a gun, is [one] of the first to receive her license.

“I trudged up through all this ice, sleet and snow to get my mail, and the first thing I see when I open the box, it says Illinois State Police. And I’m like yay!” Shepard told News 3.

It’s been nearly four and a half years to the day, since Mary was brutally attacked in her Anna church and didn’t have her gun to defend herself. She’s worked tirelessly since the assault, sending a video to the General Assembly, speaking publicly and successfully suing the state.

“It makes me feel proud that I had such a part of it,” she explained, “It’s like I’ve accomplished something.”

Shepard’s not sitting back just yet. She says the debate is far from over …

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