Posted by: Democratic Thinker | February 2, 2013

A Diamond—Sure Enough





A Diamond in the Rough.


A DIAMOND in the rough,
Is a diamond—sure enough,
For, before it ever sparkles
It is made of diamond stuff.

Of course, someone must find it,
Or it never will be found.
And then, some one must grind it,
Or it never will be ground.

But when it’s found, and when it’s ground,
And when it’s burnished bright,
That diamond’s everlastingly
Just flashing out it’s light.

Oh, teacher in the Sunday school,
Don’t say, ‘I’ve done enough,’
That ‘worst boy’ in your class may be,
A diamond in the rough.

Perhaps you think he’s ‘grinding’ you!
And, possibly you’re right.
But it may be you need grinding,
To burnish you up bright.

—Rev. Charles. D. Meigs.