Posted by: Democratic Thinker | May 29, 2012

Patrick Henry—May 29, 1736

Patrick Henry.
May 29, 1736 – June 6, 1799.



Virginia Gazette, June 14, 1799.


On the 6th inst. departed this life PATRICK HENRY, Esquire, of Charlotte County.

Mourn, Virginia, mourn! Your Henry is gone! Ye friends to liberty in every clime, drop a tear.

No more will his social feelings spread delight through his happy house. No more will his edifying example dictate to his numerous offspring the sweetness of virtue, and the majesty of patriotism. No more will his sage advice, guided by zeal for the common happiness, impart light and utility to his caressing neighbors. No more will he illuminate the public councils with sentiments drawn from the cabinet of his own mind, ever directed to his country’s good, and clothed in eloquence sublime, delightful, and commanding.

Farewell, first-rate patriot, farewell!

As long as our rivers flow, or mountains stand—so long will your excellence and worth be the theme of homage and endearment, and Virginia, bearing in mind her loss, will say to rising generations, imitate my Henry.