Posted by: Democratic Thinker | January 17, 2010

Fort Wagner: 1863—Who shall Vote? 1865



Fort Wagner: 1863—Who shall Vote? 1865



A CLOUD of mingled hue
Across the sand impetuous came,
Into a fiery whirlwind grew,
And dashed against the fort in flame.

One purpose in each steady heart;
One light in every solemn eye:
“Brothers, alive we do not part;
We die together, if we die.”

They fought together, black and white;
They fell together, true and brave;
They died together in the fight;
They rest together in one grave.

One blood, one faith, one hope, they shared;
One right with us their brethren share:
To die for us those heroes dared;
To wrong their brothers do we dare?

—George William Curtis.

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