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No House But A Hollow Tree

Freedom of Religion

In 1635, Massachusetts banished Roger Williams for asserting that the civil authority had no right to enforce church doctrine. To avoid being sent back to England, he fled to the woods in January, 1636—and thereafter spent fourteen weeks out in the open during the New England winter.


God Makes a Path.

Of Travell.


Generall Observations of their Travell.

AS the same Sun shines on the Wildernesse that doth on a Garden! so the same faithfull and all sufficient God, can comfort, feede, and safely guide even through a desolate howling Wildernesse.

More particular:

1. GOD makes a path, provides a Guide,
And feeds in Wildernesse!
His glorious name while breath remaines,
O that I may confesse.

2. Lost many a time, I have had no Guide,
No house, but hollow tree!
In stormy winter night no Fire,
No Food, no Company.

3. In him I have found a House, a Bed,
A Table, Company;
No cup so bitter, but’s made sweet,
When God shall sweetning be.

—Roger Williams, A Key Into the Language of America (1643).


A Key Into the Language of America.
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