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Weekly Story: Mardana and the Ants

Weekly Story

Mardana and the Ants tells a traditional tale from the Sikh religion. In the Janama Sakhi Guru Nanak and Mardana arrive in Saidpur (now called Eminabad) after the invasion of Babar. Babar’s army had destroyed the town when the followers of Ibrahim Lodhi, the Sultan of Delhi, resisted. From The Ādi Granth: or, The Holy Scriptures of the Sikhs, Dr. Ernst Trumpp, editor (London, 1877), p. xxxi:

Mardana and the Ants



WHEN the Baba [Guru Nanak] came to Saidpur, the Hindus and the Musalmans commenced to bury and to burn the dead ones; in every house they began to weep and to beat their breasts and to lament.

One day Mardana said: “Sir, why has this town been alike destroyed and why have so many been killed?”

The Guru Baba replied: “Mardana, go and sleep under that tree, when thou wilt rise, I will give thee an answer.”

Mardana went and slept there. One drop of grease had fallen on his breast when eating bread. As soon as he was (therefore) fallen asleep, ants came and fell on him. When one ant bit the sleeper, he bruised them all with his hand and threw them away.

The Baba said: “What hast thou done, O Mardana?”

Mardana answered: “For the sake of one, who has bitten me, all have been killed.”

The Baba laughed and said: “In this very wise they have been killed for the sake of one.”

Then Mardana came and fell down at his feet.


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