Posted by: Democratic Thinker | September 3, 2009

Tenth Amendment Forum

The Tenth Amendment Center provides both an audio and a print copy of a statement prepared for the 10th Amendment Forum in held in Orlando, Florida, back in August. See excerpt:

Tenth Amendment Center

Why the Tenth Amendment?

Posted on 23 August 2009

by Michael Boldin

The following was a prepared statement for the 10th Amendment Forum in Orlando, FL on 08-22-09

First of all, thank you for allowing me a few moments to be here with you today – it’s an honor to be able to speak with you, even if it’s from the other side of the country where I am here in Los Angeles, California.

As the founder of the Tenth Amendment Center, I’m often asked – why the Tenth Amendment?  Why do we need it?  And I truly believe that’s just what people like you and I were asking back in the time when this country was founded, too.

(See complete statement at original site)

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